Wednesday, April 30, 2008

kya singing

kya watched the video of kinley talking and she asked if she could sing for the camera. as you can see from this video...kya is very comfortable with kinley :) thank goodness kinley doesn't mind being tossed around a little! this song is from the famous " annie" movie, which as become one of kya's new favorites! you should have heard her in the shower this morning. she was belting out this song...we have a shower singer on our hands! enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the girls playing around!

so here are some pictures we took tonight while we were trying out the bumbo! kinley and kya loved it! they are so much fun together..kinley follows kya around the room and is so excited when she looks at her and talks to her!

kinley talking with mama :)

tonight while mark put kya to bed i thought i would try to get some live action of kinley and her new tricks!! we just tried out the bumbo chair tonight and she loved it! i think she was so proud of herself sitting all alone! i wanted to see if she would talk a little for the camera...she actually cooperated with me after some encouragement! it is amazing how quick she is growing up! mark and i are having the time of our lives with these girls! we feel so blessed! i think we are going to have another talker in the family :) mark may not have a chance to speak again !!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


i still have tears in my eyes as i type this! moments like these are priceless! we were just getting ready for the day and kya grabbed her bible stories book and started to read. she really thinks she can read it just like mark and i. all the sudden she looked up and stated " mommy he's alive...and he lives in my heart"!! i asked who she was talking about and she said "silly mommy it's jesus". what a awesome simple answer!! it is so amazing that she is grasping that the god of this universe lives in her heart and is alive in her life!! i often feel as i am telling kya about jesus that she just doesn't get it..i often wonder if i am doing it wrong or if she is just too young to get it. thank you lord for this unprompted evidence of you in her life!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

pretty ears!!

this weekend kinley and i went to the womens retreat with church. we had a great time! during our free time on saturday mom, sonya and i took kinley to get her ears pierced. she did wonderful and only cried about a minute afterwards! daddy didn't know we were for sure going to do it..but we sent him a picture message afterwards :) when kinley and i got home this afternoon...kya was so excited to see her newly decorated ears! she kept telling kinley "you are beautiful beautiful darling"! she was so proud of her little sister to have earrings just like her! of course i think it is adorable!

Friday, April 18, 2008

first night back

i am sitting here at work it is 403 am...way too early :) tonight was my first night back to work. it went well! despite a few tears handing kinley over to daddy when i walked out the door :) it is weird life..working nights. i guess being home for the last 12 weeks i realize that it is not normal to stay awake for 24 hrs. doing this crazy schedule was a lot easier when i was single and could sleep the next day away if i choose! i cannot complain i have a beautiful little girl waiting for me at home! i just got an update from mark, and kinley is just waking up for a feeding...she has been an angel for him..what a good girl! kya is at gaga's house(thanks mom) so mark could just deal with one kiddo his first night alone. well i better go check on my patients one more time before i leave for the night! it was a long night...moments of missing my girls and bed :), and my "normal" day night life...but it was great to be back taking care of people, visiting with co workers, and using my brain in a different way.
i just hope my baby girl will give me a couple hours of good sleep this morning :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i know i am silly...but i love bows! since kya was born she has had a bow in her hair, and kinley is following in her footsteps :) i just got some new ones for kinley and took a picture of her in one of cute ( i think). most of you may laugh at me at times....but i am okay with that! i am a die hard bow fan :)

too quick!!

time is going by sooo fast!! i cannot believe that kinley is going to be 10 weeks old tomorrow! it seems like just yesterday she joined our family...yet in other ways i cannot imagine life without her! i offically go back to work tomorrow!! i am excited...but kind of nervous to leave her! mark will do great with the girls..i just have mixed feelings about it all :)

kinley is just a joy..she sleeps great....and smiles all the time. it is so fun to watch kya with her and see how much they love eachother. i hope they are good friends growing up. i love my friendships i have with my sisters and wish that relationship for them as well!

kya is growing up so fast...the things that come out of her mouth are priceless! today i was frustrated with my phone....kya looked at me and said "mommy are you crabby? do you need to take a break?" i said "probably kya" she quickly came back with "mommy you go to kya's bed..i play with kinley"

what a crack up!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

what a day!

what a day!it was a very social day for us! mark and i are quite surprised how social we have been since kinley has been born. when we had kya i think we were in hiding for the first 6 months. this second kid thing is so much easier...THANK YOU LORD!!
yesterday i had some girls from work over. three of us have had babies in the last month or we thought it would be fun to get together and have a baby party! it is amazing how old kinley looked compared to kate and connor..she is only a month and a half older but they grow up so much changes in that small amount of time. it was fun to sit and chat with my friends from work..i have missed their friendship during my time at home! kya had the time of her life playing with the older is fun to see her interact with them.i often sit and wonder what she is going to be like when she is in high school...oh help us lord!

when mark got home from work we went to a volunteer dinner at was fun we got to take a tour of our new church building!it is fun that we have gotten to know more people at church...we love that community! we got in the car to head home and mark surprised me! which never happens! (good job babe) we were headed out to meet some friends and my sisters for a birthday celebration! i NEVER have true surprises in my life...honestly i don't really like them...probably due to the fact i am a major control freak...i know i am working on it :) we headed to old chicago were we hung out with some of our friends and had a great time just talking and laughing!(thanks brooke K for the hair comment it was the highlight of my night )!! it was a great birthday present to just sit with my friends and laugh! then julie and her husband ryan spent the night and we had a great morning this morning just sitting around drinking coffee and catching up!

after a day filled with being with made me realize how blessed i am with the people in my life. life gets so busy,it is so easy to not make the time to get together with friends! i feel so blessed that when we do get together we have a great time and laugh and talk like we see eachother all the time! it was truly the best birthday present to just spend time with them all!

Monday, April 7, 2008

2 months old!

kinley is 2 months today! it is so crazy how one day you are a single person wondering what is in your future...and the next god has blessed you with an amazing husband two beautiful daughters. i never thought i would be so blessed! it amazes me how much god loves us! kinley went in for her 2 month visit and she weighed 9lbs 9 oz which is the 20% and was 21 1/2inches with is the 25%. it is crazy kya was 11-5lbs and was 23 1/2inches! they are such different babies! poor kinley had to have 6 shots today..her little legs are covered in bandaids! i just hope she is not in too much pain and can sleep okay tonight!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

funny story

now you may not find this funny...but personally i love it when people fall. i know it is mean, but i am one of those people that if someone first reaction is to laugh...then to ask if they are okay :) so today at church mark and i found a nice seat in the third row of church...we were sitting there talking and i was having one of those nice moments looking at kinley and listening to the nice background music. dana, my sister, walked up and wanted to sit with us...i was going to stand up a little to let her pass by and move to the next seat i stood up and started to sit down again...but there was no seat to sit on!! you know those moments that life seems to be in slow motion...well this was it :) my arms and legs were all over trying to catch my balance..and i am thinking to myself i am not going to do this if front of the whole church...luckly my sister held out her hand at the last moment and i held on with all my might and she helped me to my feet! by this point mark, dana and i are laughing so hard we are starting to make a scene. throughout the entire worship i just kept laughing. i love those moments!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

what fun!!

what a morning! mark and kya made a run to lamars doughnuts and we headed to papa and gaga's for a big event....the pouring of the new patio!! mom and dad moved into a new house and are starting the project of finishing the backyard. today they had a pumper truck coming to pour the large patio off the back of the house. let me just tell you this was quite the even for kya, connor, dylan and maci ( kinley was not impressed). they were lined up at the patio windows watching is awe and the guys worked on the patio. us adults sat and had nice breakfast and coffee while the kids were enthralled with the process!

Friday, April 4, 2008

school day

ahhhh. .... a nice and quiet house.! kya is at preschool today :) don't get me wrong i love my crazy days with her, but a morning alone with kinley is awesome too! kya started going to preschool last month just on fridays so that i could get some alone time with kinley. she totally loves it and gets giddy when i pull her backpack out on friday mornings. today she is even staying for lunch, which is a new thing. i had to pack her lunch last night and it felt so weird that my baby girl was old enough to have lunch at school! she was so proud carrying her tinkerbell lunch box in this morning! well now it is just kinley and mama...we are going to clean, drink some coffee, watch the today show... maybe even go for a walk :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

play date

so we just returned from a playdate with mandy, tommy and kate at the breakfast food at cherry creek mall. what fun! it always amazes me how much fun kids can have on some plastic fruit :) kya and tommy had a great time together. i think i am in for some trouble..kya could not stop kissing tommy at lunch..oh my what are we in for with this girl. it was so sweet on the way home..kya so sweetly said "mommy i love tommy...i give him kisses...he laughes ha ha...he is so silly..he is my friend...can he sleep at our house?" oh my she is already requesting a coed sleepover..i don't think that will be happening :) her daddy is going to love this drama queen!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

my first blog

my first :) i was encouraged by brooke knipp to start a blog...had a nice quiet afternoon while the girls slept, so i thought i would give it a try! life here at the guikema house has been a ride. it is hard to believe that we have now been married for 4 years and have 2 beautiful girls! as many people joke we were on the fast track, but for us it is the perfect pace! kya is now almost 3 years old...holy cow that is crazy! i cannot believe my baby is almost 3! she is a kick in the pants. mark and i are always laughing and amazed at what comes out of her mouth! she is one of the sweetest most sincere people! i cannot wait to see how god is going to use her in her future! then we have miss kinley... she is 2 months old!! that has flown by! she is such an amazing baby! she loves to smile and cuddle! she is so easy going and mellow! thank you lord :) mark is still working with ground...which is a love hate relationship! i love that he has a great job..but we both wish we could spend more time together as a family.... i am about to go back to work part time at the hospital! i am actually excited about it! i love my girls..but it is time for mommy to have some adult conversation and have her mind challenged a little more then diapers, feedings, and playtime ...all which i love also :). so that is a look into our current life...oh yeah there is wilson our crazy goldendoodle dog...poor boy has not gotten up attention since kinley has been born..don't worry warm weather is coming and he will get lots of walks and playing the the yard time with us :)

well i will leave it with one sweet quote from this week from kya :)

we were just hanging out and i wrapped my arms around her and was just holding her and she turned and said "mommy that makes my heart so happy"... i love that girl :)